To reset the Router to factory defaults

Methods to recover the password using Web-based Setup Page:

Step 1: Turn on the computer which is already either connected wirelessly or wirely to the Router. Write the Router IP address on the Address Bar of the Web Browser. At the time of login, Default username is admin and Default password doesn’t exist.

How to Reset the Router?

If the user couldn’t able to access the Routers or forget router password, then reset the Router by default factory settings. For this, hold the Reset button for 10 seconds at the bottom of the router. The default password of router is “admin”.

After pressing the Reset button, you must notice that router’s power light must blink which means router reset properly. Some Routers require to hold and press the Reset button for 30 sec.

After completing the resetting Process, unplug the Router from the Power Adapter and plug it again.

Step 2: Go to Administration Tab from where click on Factory Defaults on sub tab.

Step 3: Click on Restore Factory Defaults button within the Factory Default section.

After completing the above procedure through default factory settings, reconfigure your Router for cable internet connection.

You must notice that Power light must keep blinking for couple of minutes after performing the resetting procedure. If the Power LED is not blinking then try to contact to Router Support for fixing the above issue.

How to Change the Router Password?

The default password of router is “Admin” and the username field must be leave blank. You must change the Router Password for making the Router secure from outsides.

If the user has installed the latest updated version of the Router Software, it will automatically give you the Prompt to enter the new Password that will saved in web based setup page.

Step1:The user must access the Router Web based Page. To access the Router just go for Roku tech Support for get the information.

Step2:Click on Administration tab.

Step3:Under the Administration section, you will find the management sub section. Click on Management, enter the new Password in the Router password field and then re-enter the Password again to confirm it.

You must remember all the devices connected to the same network will using the same router password while logging into web based router setup page. Administrator of Router must have different username and Password.

If the above router issues still not solved, then it means your Firmware need the updations. If the issue is still not solved, contact to Roku phone number for getting the best assistance.

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